Hello Friends,

Welcome to my blog!  My intentions here are to provide a fun, carefree place for me to express my experiences, recipes, thoughts, and travels.  I’m a fanatic about cooking shows and make every attempt to pull that inner Pioneer Woman out of me.  I enjoy eating out at restaurants and then taking my spin at recreating the dishes a la Copycat Recipes, and such.  The things I notice most when I eat out and when I watch cooking shows is that there’s a lot of butter and definitely a lot of salt.    My intent with these recreations are to make them a little friendlier on the waistline and still taste good at the same time.

Although majority of my posts will be emphasized on cooking, I will veer off here and there to blog about life.  I am mom to a cute little boy and a wife to a wonderful husband.  We like to travel, explore, cruise along the beaches (since we do live in the Finest City aka San Diego), and watch our life sprout. With so many thoughts running through my head, I sure do hope you stick around for the ride and come back to visit me again.


Mince Away,

Jenny S.