One time… In Santa Barbara…

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Did you all go out and vote, yesterday?  I sure hope you did.  My husband, son, and I all trekked down to our polling spot to turn in our ballots (totally missed that mail-in deadline), and got our voting stickers.  My 3-year old was so happy to have voted (or at least he thinks he did) and was very proud to show off his sticker!  In his words, “One time, I voted.  Remember?!?!”  He’s been on a  “One time” kick and almost everything he says, starts with just that.  Such cutie, and speaking of which…. he missed his “Tia” so much that we took a special trip to Santa Barbara just to visit her.

We got in pretty late (damn LA traffic!), so we didn’t really do much the first night, which was nice because we got to catch up and chit chat.  My son has been going on daily walks with the hubs, on his tractor (Yup.  I said tractor.  If you follow my Instagram, there’s proof!) and makes him stop and smell the roses. So, we figured the Rose Garden was a definite must.  There were so many pretty colors and cool names.  I don’t ever really stop to smell the roses, so the kid made me do it this time, and whaddayaknow?  They smelled pretty good. #lessonsfroma3yearold The houses on the street by the Mission are all really cute as well.  The house with the lemon vine was my favorite by far.

Scarlet Begonia
Scarlet Begonia
Scarlet Begonia
Scarlet Begonia

After the Rose Garden, we headed to Scarlet Begonia for some breakfast.  It’s a cute little restaurant off of State Street.  Since we had the kiddo, we sat outside, and it was Santa Barbara, so why not?  We started off with our fancy lattes and pastries then moved onto breakfast.  The BFF got Soft Scrambled Eggs and Salmon.  The kiddo and and I split the 2 Organic Eggs, Bacon, and Potatoes.  Yum for sure.

Once we got back to the house, it was time for some rest and relaxation before it was time to get on the go again.  There’s nothing better than some nice Rosé….errday!  The BFF even whipped up a very light, simple, and delicious pasta made with just a little bit of olive oil, veggies and a sprinklin’ of this awesome Hands on Earth Sea Salt and Lemon.  A little sure does go a long way.  After the awesome sitter came, the BFF and I took off to the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center Wine and Chocolate event.  What a freaking dream come true! Oh and who could forget those cute little cans of Sofia Blanc de Blanc.


The next day, the BFF and I got a nice little breakfast/brunch together because my cousin was passing through town and was going to stop by.  It was awesome because the BFF has so many cute kitchen knick knacks and it’s always great to get to use them.  I mean c’mon, who has doilies to lay bacon on?  It was a great chance to bond and chit chat some more so it’s always a favorite of mine.  It was definitely a short trip, however these little short trips are always welcomed.  I hope you all get a chance to get out and catch up with friends and family that you haven’t seen for a while, get to relax, and enjoy life a little.  Until next time…

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