Hollywood Flashbacks

Location: West Hollywood, CA

Well hello again, my friends! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend and really took the time to appreciate and acknowledge the Servicemen and Servicewoman who all sacrifice, serve, and put their lives on the line for us, everyday, so that we are able to live our lives in freedom.   My family and I had a great weekend and I’m so excited to share my travels with you all.  First off, I’m excited to take you on a flashback trip to when my BFF and I did our annual 10K in Hollywood. It’s bittersweet because we’ve come to the conclusion that we like to vacation and be active but not vacation and be forced to be active.  There is a difference, folks.  So… that was our last one.


The Hotel and Spread:

We stayed at the Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn, which is where we stayed 2 out of the 3 times (you don’t want to know about the other placed we stayed and we’ll just leave it at that).  It was fairly reasonable and had the amenities that we needed.  We even got a swag bag when we arrived… so Hollywood!


After we checked into our home for the weekend, we went to the Fitness Expo at the Palladium on Sunset.   I got suckered into a few items and was so  totally ready to eat after that.  The smell of bacon totally drew me into this awesome burger joint called, The Melt.  I’m so glad we went in because the food was good and the place was pretty awesome.  You type in your order and when your initials pop up on the screen, you head up to the counter to pick up your order and pay.  The water cups are so cute and they even have outlets and USB chargers at every table station.  I mean, c’mon!  Totally awesome!


6:00am Run Time:

Every year the BFF and I go as Marilyn and Audrey since it’s so classic Hollywood.  I surprise myself every year that I’m able to get up so early to get ready and be out the door at 5:30AM to trek down to our corral for the race.  The BFF and I debated beforehand if we were going to run the 5k or the 10k, since we really didn’t train at all!  Man we’re dedicated.  LOL.  We ended up doing the 10k and I’m so glad we stuck it out.  Overall, I placed 1762.  I guess it’s not so bad considering how many people there were.  So I like to tell myself at least.


The BFF had loads of Groupon credit, so we got the four course dinner at Culina inside the Four Seasons – Beverly Hills.  It was such a great deal and the food was amazing!  The service was fantastic!  The waiter didn’t make us feel like we were big cheap-os because we were using a Groupon at a fancy place.  We even got to chit chat a bit and got to do some wine tasting.



I can totally tell that I’m aging because we were in Hollywood and I didn’t want to go out and rage.  Someone once told me, “The best cure for a hangover is to be under 25.” Damn… so true.  Hangover food on the other hand, is fantastic…. even when you’re not hungover.  We Yelped a few places and decided on Scrumptious Cafe & Bakery for breakfast.  It’s a cute little cafe with great decor inside and a cute outdoor patio as well.  I of course had to go for a pretty latte (so bummed they didn’t prettify it) and a Breakfast Sandwich.  The BFF went for the Creamy Scrambled Egg and a muffin.  Both were extremely delicious!

Playing Tourist:

We were kind of bummed because our TMZ tour was canceled due to the weather.  What’s up with that rain?  I know we need it, but on tour day?!?!?!  I’ll get over it.  We’re in a drought.  Well, have no fear because good ole Google came tot he rescue.  We looked up some celebrity homes and was not very successful at navigating our way thru it.  We pretty much saw a bunch of gates.  We even caught a guy off guard, who was peeing out on the streets not knowing he was peeing in front of Jay Leno’s house.  We didn’t get into the Griffith Observatory because there was no parking and the traffic was super ridiculous, so distant tourist pictures it was.

Over all, it was a great trip.  We did a lot more this time then we usually do, so it was really exciting.  Going to college in Santa Barbara and working for a Professional Athlete back in my day, I got my fair share of Hollywood.  Now, I guess it’s on to the next adventure.  Good times, LA!  Until next time….

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