Playing Tourist

Location: Coronado, CA & San Diego, CA

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Can’t get into that habit again, can I?  Well, the good news is that it was for all the right reasons.  Work has definitely picked back up and it’s all about adjusting to the business again.  My awesome Junior is back as well, even though her Spring Break was nothing short of eventful, maybe disastrous, but it all worked out.  I also just got back from my #BFFweekend in Hollywood, CA for the Hollywood Run.  That’ll be another fun post in itself.  But for now, I present to you the night my husband and I played tourist…. for only a short moment, however, I enjoyed it all.


Although we’re only a short distance to Coronado and Downtown San Diego, we’ve never actually taken the ferry to and from the two areas itself.  It’s a pretty cool experience and a cheap experience at that.  We took off from Coronado and this was our view heading into Downtown.

It was dinner time and I was more than ready for some food.  We walked over to Kansas City BBQ, where Top Gun was filmed.  The story behind how the location was chosen for filming was pretty cool.  All it took was for a producer to stop in, have a couple of beers, and like the place.

The restaurant was lined with autographed pictures, license plates, and chandelier with tons of bras hanging from it.  It has a really small, hometown feel to it, and the staff was very friendly.  We ordered a platter of BBQ stuff, and wouldn’t you know it….I ate the whole damn thing before pictures were in order!

After dinner, we rushed to the Convention Center where we were going to get back on the ferry.  Man those Convention Stairs are killer!  Well, we missed the ferry and so we ended up taking a walk around until the next one came in.  We ran into what looked like yacht row.  They were huge!  This sailboat had to have been over 50 ft and there’s a grand stairway to the sail boat, and it’s lights up blue! AHHHHMAZING!!!!!  So amazing that this little Joe’s Crab Shack, that I never even knew existed in this area didn’t even get me excited.  Not a huge fan, anyway, so whatevs….


Anyway, we finally caught our Ferry (the last one out, mind you), and headed back to Coronado then home to our Carter Man.  I learned that it’s really nice to just take a break sometimes, try to relax a little, and enjoy the environment around you and just be present.  It’s a work in progress, however, I’m getting there a little at a time.  Playing tourist is just the start of it. I hope you all get out this weekend, enjoy your surroundings, and just be present.  Until next time….

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