Happy 3rd Birthday!

Location: San Diego, CA

My how the time has flown by.  My son is 3 years old today!  He’s definitely full of life and as witty as ever.  You can tell he comes from a family of negotiators.  He negotiates almost everything in life with me at this point…. “One more than I’ll do this, Momma,” “I need this, so I can do that, Momma.”  It goes on.  I love that we can reason with him now, though and the tantrums are down to a minimum. He loves to dance, play with his tractors, imagine he’s a firefighter, watch Paw Patrol, Blaze, and Dora.  He can count to 15, knows his shapes and colors, and has a huge vocabulary list.  My little guy is awesome and I love him to pieces!  Happy Birthday Carter!

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