Location: San Diego, CA

Today I come to you with a heavy heart – Our dog, Emma was put to sleep yesterday.  She’s always had issues with allergies and her ears, but I never thought what would take her was a tumor in her jaw.  I’m completely devastated and can not imagine what her new family is going through right now.  When we moved to San Diego, we were not able to take her or any of our dogs with us, but we were able to find them all amazing homes with friends or friends of family members.  It’s not what we wanted to have to do but it was ultimately the best thing for them and their happiness.


Although yellow labs are known to be very active dogs, Emma was always a very mellow one.  When we flew her home from Ohio in 2010, I had a feeling she was going to be an easy one.  She was kind of a yelper, but that was only because she wanted to be held the whole time.  Once she had all her shots and was able to get out, she never really wanted to run around too much.  We’d take her to the dog park and she would just find people’s feet to sit on.  She was a very good listener and never really got into any trouble.  Well, except for the time she swiped a freshly cut Ahi Tuna from the counter, and the time she snatched the Rotisserie Chicken that was cooling down on the stove.  She definitely loved her food.  As a matter of fact, all of our dogs looked forward to us getting ready for our dinner and they sure let us know it.


Emma – you were a great dog and always the cuddliest.  You loved to be cozy, always found a way to get yourself in the house and sneak the best treats.  I’m sad that you are gone but happy that you are no longer in pain.


RIP Emma.  You left your paw prints on my heart.

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