Domestic Wish List

Location: San Diego, CA

I’m starting to feel like my 2 year old son.  He sees a toy on TV and comes to me right away saying that he “needs it.”  Every time I watch a cooking show, I find myself saying, “I need that!”  Not want, but need.  Haha.  I bet my husband loves that.  I say it’s inspiration and blame it on The Pioneer Woman.  I thought that what I had on our wedding registry and what we bought were what I wanted/needed, but these cooking shows make me doubt that a little.  Here are a few things catching my eye at the moment:

From left to right: Boos End Grain Wood Chopping Block – Williams- Sonoma // Kate Spade Polka Dot Mixing Bowls – Bed, Bath, and Beyond // Staub Cast Iron 12 Piece Cookware Set – Williams-Sonoma // Shun Classic 19-Piece Knife Block Set – Williams-Sonoma // Oxo Good Grip Stainless Steel Measuring Set – Bed, Bath, and Beyond // Non Stick Fish Spatula – Williams-Sonoma // Silicon Flat Whisk – Williams-Sonoma // Stainless Steel 10 in Flat/Roux Whisk – Bed, Bath, and Beyond // Flat Whisk – Williams-Sonoma

Some of these items are items that I need to replace in my kitchen and some are just because I like them.  Either way, they will all serve a purpose in my kitchen.  What’s currently on your wish list?

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