Oahu Picture Tour 3

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

I’m telling you, these posts are making Mother Nature very happy.  The weather has been so great out here in San Diego! It’s starting to feel normal again.  Normal as in no seasons, haha.  Any who…. back to the topic at hand –  Today, I’m giving you a glimpse of places around town, then tomorrow will be my last Hawaii post….for awhile.


We kept driving by this place to get in an out of town.  It looked really cool so we decided to stop by.  Once we got to walking around, it looked like it was abandoned.  There were some shops here and there that were open and a “food court” that really only had 2 places to choose from.  The structure and design of the shopping center looked really cool and it was kind of sad to see it so empty.  Come to find out, the Tower is a historical landmark that was opened in 1926 and welcomed thousands of immigrants who landed in Honolulu.  During WWII the tower was painted in camouflage so that it wouldn’t be spotted as the Coast Guard were taking post there.  Very cool history.  Now fast forward several years later, after it was the Hawaii Maritime Center, and the big economical fall hit the shopping center, it’s now home to the Hawaii Pacific University.


What can I say?  China Town to me seems the same just about everywhere I go.  We were on the hunt for some good Chinese food.  Well, we didn’t find any.  Not because it wasn’t any good, but because the lines were so long everywhere.  That must mean something. Our dinner cruise ended up being the best Chinese food that we had because we didn’t try any in China Town.  So….. give it a try and report back.  Thanks.


Diamond Head was one of the spots that was on our list to visit.  I mean, why not?!?!?! It’s one of the monuments that Oahu is known for.  We only did a quick drive through because of the time of day, however the views were amazing.


After we were done with the Jungle Tour, we decided to stop over somewhere in North Shore and take a swim with our new snorkel gear.  We were welcomed by a tree that was adorned by with what looked like people’s lost and found items.  I guess that was better than littering the beach with it.  Totally cool in my book!  There were people cliff diving and jumping into the water, other people snorkeling, and pretty much just hanging out. The views were so pretty and the beach was pretty calm.  Apparently it’s pretty calm majority of the time, and that’s why people like to visit the North Shore.


Now this beach experience was quite a process.  Who knew going to such a beautiful place would take so much work?!?!?!  First off, there’s a fee to get inside. I believe it was $7 per person, but well worth it.  Before you head down to the beach, you have to watch an educational video about the coral reef, turtles, fish, etc.  Make sure you sign in because if you visit again, you won’t have to watch the video again.  Also be sure to pack all your stuff and take it with you the first trip down.  That’s a long hike you’re going to have to go on if you don’t want to pay for the shuttle to take  you up and down.  Once you’re down there, take a moment to breathe (because you finally made it down), find a spot to claim, then have loads of fun.  On the way out, be sure to check out the blow hole.  I think it’s less than a mile drive to get to from Hanauma Bay.


What good would this picture tour be if I didn’t show you pictures of the area we actually stayed in?  It’d probably be just fine, however to be sure, here they are.  I tried to do some Hawaii 5-O show stalking, but no luck.  The police car is as good as it gets.  Waikiki Beach was beautiful and my husband loved it because there was grass.  I’ve gotta say that the grass makes so much difference in a beach experience.  My husband loves the ocean but not so much a sand fan.  I really like the Royal Hawaiian Hotel because everything was pink – pink umbrellas, pink beach loungers, pink hotel…. the list goes on!  We were right in line with Luxury Row so there was a lot of fancy little (big) bling bling surrounding us. So fancy.  It was really neat to just get out and explore.  Be aware that this is a huge tourist area so be prepared for some Walmart action (as in strange people watching), and lots of crowds.

I hope that you’re all getting to know Oahu a little more and that I’m peaking your interest a little (let’s face it – I’m crossing my fingers for A LOT!). I’ll be back with my last Hawaii post tomorrow, so until then, Aloha!

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