Oahu Picture Tour 2

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

I hope you’re not all getting sick of my Hawaii talk just yet.  I think my blog posts are having an effect on Mother Nature, so stick around.  The weather has been awesome out here – low to mid 70s.  My type of perfect weather!  Sorry to the rest of the world =( .  I only have a few more places to show you then I promise we’ll move on.  Remember to click on the pictures for the full picture display/slideshow, and check out my Facebook for the full album.


Disclaimer – If you want alcohol, then this is not the place for you.  The Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) is located in a town called Laie, next to Brigham Young University (BYU) and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A lot of the students at BYU volunteer and work at the PCC.  The whole town is based on the practice of the Church so any consumption of alcohol and drugs are prohibited aka it’s a dry town.

The PCC was a part of our GoOahu pass, however we had already bought our passes from Costco, so again…. buy the GoOahu pass.  We were a part of the all day experience which was really cool.  There’s about 7 different Island Nations of Polynesia that we were able to explore and learn about.  My favorite was Samoa.  That’s where they had the fire dancing and a 40-foot tree climb!  Half way through the day, there was a boat parade of the different Islands and their traditional dances.  Everyone was really friendly and the they all had a sense of humor, so that was great.

After the day events, we were ushered off to our different areas for dinner, depending on the type of dinner packages that were bought.  There was a little show during dinner, then  we were ushered to the Luau show.  The show they had here was more of a theatre production and not like other Luau’s that I’ve been to (still good and no cameras allowed).  My suggestion is to attend another Luau during your trip if you do end up going to the PCC as well.


Now this place has some major (crazy) history.  It’s a really long story, but long-story-short, the US pretty much over threw the Hawaiian Kingdom and many believe that it was taken over illegitimately.  Definitely go on the tour and decide for yourself.  I learned so much about the Hawaiian Monarchy and even Googled a whole bunch afterwards.  That in itself tells you I was interested.

The history of the architecture was pretty cool and pretty cool to look at as well.  Since the Palace is a Historical Landmark and everything inside has to be preserved, you have to put on shoe covers and are not allowed to touch anything or use the flash on your camera.  It’s crazy how people older than me couldn’t follow instructions and did everything you’re not supposed to.  Don’t worry though, I paid attention.

Almost done here, peeps.  Thanks for sticking with me and I’ll be back with more pictures.  Aloha!

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