Flashback to Oahu

Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay

Location: Oahu, HI

Hello again, as I make my random appearances.  Back in September, my husband and I took a trip to Oahu, HI for our 5 year wedding anniversary/Business Trip.  It wasn’t our first choice, but probably the safest choice and we also had a week at our Cousin’s timeshare, so why not?  We wanted to go to the Bahamas or South America, however it’s super rainy and there’s some hurricane weather going on it that area in September, so Hawaii was a clear win.

Clear for landing....
Clear for landing….

I was so excited to get out of town of have a nice break from reality (sort of….no such thing as a break in my industry).  It was nice that our planned business trip just so happened to land around the time of our wedding anniversary.  We had just packed up our condo in Mission Valley, San Diego, and moved into our new house in Upper Ocean Beach, San Diego.  It was very exciting, however very tiring.  Work was picking up again and I was pretty comfortable with letting go of work a little and letting my assistant take over.  My son is also at the age now where I’m more comfortable with him being away for a few days (err…more like 10 days…..).  I missed him like crazy and Face Timed him everyday (multiple times), however, he was having too much fun and couldn’t be bothered most of the time.

Daytime Mountain Side View
Daytime View
Daytime Ocean Side View

Our trip wasn’t quite as we expected and the accommodations weren’t the greatest, but the views were great and it was in a great location.  The 2 pictures above are the views from our condo during the day, and the bottom 2 are the night time views.  Kinda looks like houses are lit in the shape of a person.  Don Ho, maybe?

Night Time Ocean View
Night time Mountain Side View

Our condo was in Waikiki and only a block away from the beach.  What I learned is that even though you’re only a block away from the beach, the atmosphere’s definitely not the same.  So note-to-self – Stay on the beach block!  It’ll be much more fun!   Maybe my Hawaii Five-O stalking would’ve been much more successful…. No such luck. Darn.  I guess you’ll just have to make due with everything else I have to share.  I can’t wait to tell you more about the exciting parts of our trip and let you see the beauty that is Hawaii. So stay tuned and experience a little bit of Hawaii with me….. and thank you, to Hawaiian Airlines for getting us there safely, and still providing meals on flights!

Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines

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