Terrible Twos and a 1 Day Getaway

Location: San Clemente, CA

Regular posts just aren’t my thing.  I’m working on it….. Here’s a little update on life since I last posted – I hired my Personal Assistant to be my work Assistant (she’s lasted more than 2 weeks – ehhh 2 months at this point since I’m taking forever to write this post – and still going strong), work life is going great, however, life life is a little hectic and messy.  The little man is as awesome as ever but is going through what we all know as the “Terrible Twos!”  Too bad this started a couple of months before he turned two.  Fingers crossed that it ends early as well.  That’s the little guy down there.  Big ups to my SIL for the 2 Year Old pics, BTW.

With all the Terrible Twos madness going on, my husband and I were in desperate need of a little break.  A vacation from your 2 year old helps with your sanity and when you’re sane, the household is happy.  I’m not a huge romantic, but my husband says I need to work on it, so I semi-surprised him with a one day/night trip (and that’s as long as my sister could babysit for). I googled a few places and Groupon kept popping up with their Groupon Getaway, so I ended up going with one of their Getaway deals and chose San Clemente: 1. it’s not too far from us. 2. It’s a nice drive up the 1 on the PCH.


We stayed at the San Clemente Inn, right off the 5.  We always pass San Clemente when we drive up north, but never actually stopped by to check it out.  It’s a really cute little beach town.

There was a cute little hangout area in the back of the Inn, with BBQ pits, a swimming pool, 2 hot tubs – one that’s kid friendly and one that’s adult only – and a putting green. IMG_20150207_170253This was the view from our room.  You can see a tiny little bit of the ocean.  We originally had a regular room without a view, but for some reason, whenever my husband and I find hotel deals online, there ends up being some type of glitch, and we get upgraded.  Totally awesome!


We took a stroll around the little downtown strip, and Pizza Port Brew Co. was our first stop.  We only had beers, but the selection, staff, and view were great.IMG_20150207_180755

IMG_20150207_175610 IMG_20150207_203205 IMG_20150207_203006

Our next stop was the The Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar.  One side of the pier was the outdoor/happy hour seating area and the other side of the pier was the indoor seating area.  We opted for the outdoor/happy hour section.  I mean, who are we kidding?  Happy Hour?  I’m there. It was a cute little place with great staff.  I had the seafood chowder, which was pretty damn delicious.


My husband and I split the mud pie, which was freaking gigantic.  The embarrassing part is that we finished it by ourselves and pretty damn quickly.  The table next to us with 3 military men ordered one as well, and couldn’t even finish it.  What does that say about us?  Uh oh….fatties!IMG_20150207_181003 IMG_20150207_180012

There really wasn’t too much to explore in San Clemente.  It’s a small beach town so it didn’t take us long to get to everything.  The passage to the train stop and the pier were my favorite.  All in all, it was a great little getaway, but we were ready to get back to our little guy.  If you’re ever cruising down (or up) the PCH, San Clemente is a cute little spot to stop off at.  Have a great day all.

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