Cheers to the Weekend!

Hi All.  I’m pretty excited for the weekend and this post comes totally appropriate because my husband and I have a whole weekend, baby-free.  Not to say that we don’t love our son, however, it’s nice to have a break.  We have a few celebrations this weekend and what a better way to toast to that than to “Cheers to the Weekend!”

Mules:  Release the Kraken / Street Fair Donkey
Mules: Release the Kraken / Street Fair Donkey

These lovelies are Mules from Wonderland Ocean Pub , a laid-back pub in Ocean Beach (OB), which is a little beach town within San Diego.  It overlooks the OB Pier and has one of the greatest sunset views while you dine.  As the sun starts to set, the waiters/waitresses go around and sell you Sunset Shots.  Once drinks are in hand, the bartender rings a bell, shares a toast, and all take their Sunset Shots.

Now back to those Mules.  These drinks are normally served in copper mugs because once the ice hits the metal, it takes on the icy temperature, keeping the Mule nicely chilled inside.  My favorite of the two Mules I have posted is the Street Fair Donkey.  Here’s my spin at it:

  • Ice Cubes
  • 1 part Vodka (Hangar One is suggested)
  • 2 parts chilled Ginger Beer
  • Splash of Lime Juice
  • Sprig on Mint

Fill a tall glass with ice, add the Vokda, lime, then Ginger Beer.  Stir then add the sprig of mint to top it off.  Drink and enjoy!

What do you all have planned for the weekend?  I hope it’s fun and I hope it’s great.  Cheers….

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